SportBoat magazine

“Luxury you can depend on”

aBlogtoRead Blog Review

March 18, 2011

“This is an indicator of how well made and finished the case is, it's nearly mirror-flat and smooth.


WatchTime Magazine December 2011 issue

“Top 30 Sport Watches of the World”

STØLÅS Harbormaster Genoa chosen in the top 30 sport watches in the world

Rich and Kurt Wyatt of Discovery Channel’s

‘American Guns’

“Awesome watches from a great company, keep much better time than our Rolex”

Cruising World magazine February 2012

“Designed for the demanding needs of sailors and divers, the Gennaker is always clear and legible, even when roused in a dark cabin.”

Boating Magazine Nov./Dec. 2011  “Swimsuit Edition”

Holiday Gift Guide for the watch you need while on the water.

Perpetuelle Blog Review

August 18, 2011

“STØLÅS is a worthy choice for any watch buyer who is seeking a limited production,”

Classic Yacht magazine

InTheBite professional sportfishing magazine Oct./Nov 2011

“STØLÅS features retina damaging lume and is the choice by fishermen around the world”

Southern Boating October 2011 - “Boat Show”

“STØLÅS Harbormaster adds the Wow factor in design and luminosity, a fusion of luxury and practical functionality.”

Oceanictime review 5/1/2011

“I really appreciate details such as this, they are interesting to me, but also add further luxury.”

Plunder Guide

March 18, 2011

Spinnaker Review

“This watch is HOT and it’s worth every penny. What stuck out was the great use of color that makes it noticeable without being presumptuous”

Bless This Stuff

Spinnaker Review

“favorite feature has to be the Superior Lume this watch boasts for all night viewing, this thing just lights up like a torch.”

iW Magazine September 2011 issue

“Top 50 Dive Watches of the World”

STØLÅS Harbormaster Genoa chosen for the top 50 dive watches in the world.


April 28, 2011

“The screw down case back is beautiful with the engraving/etching of the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.”

Wachter magazine edition 2

“STØLÅS is what you need when vacationing in the islands.  Will keep up with your active island lifestyle.”

Plunder Guide

January 6, 2012

BallCall Review

“very useful when you’re a sailor or a pilot using dead reckoning”

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Make sure to checkout Season 2 of American Guns on Discovery channel and watch Rich and Kurt putting our Harbormasters to the test.

Plunder Guide

September 9, 2011

Tsunami Review

“The carbon fiber dial looks manly as well and lights up with the special high-grade lume particles”

Bless This Stuff

Tsunami Relief Effort

“When you see pictures of helpless victims struggling after a tragic event such as the recent Tsunami it moves the human heart to want to reach out and help”

Review of the Stolas Harbormaster Genoa

By: John B. Holbrook, II


Review of STØLÅS

Service by owner of Spinnaker #101

By: Curt


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HD Video of Gennaker


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