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image STØLÅS CUSTOM SHOP produces a collection that has been customized to create beautiful quality timepieces that are hand assembled by STØLÅS. These editions can be completely new models or redesigned pieces, and can have a number of modifications and improvements to each piece.


    Lilla feautures the Gennaker case and stunning PVD polish/brushed bracelet but with subtle changes. A black and purple second hand gives it a true luxury look as the rich purple "bolt" floats around the dial with the black and white hands. Assembled with a superior classic luxury movement.
    Movement: ETA 2892 Luxury Automatic
    Price: $1,499


    Black and White. With the high polished black PVD and no color added styling, this Gennaker is outfitted with a Swiss ETA 2824 powerhouse movement. It comes with the Habormaster black rubber white stitched strap as well as the matching polished/brushed PVD bracelet. Will fit perfectly with any agent's attire.
    Movement: ETA 2824 Automatic
    Price: $879


    SubLime features a custom STØLÅS hand-wind mechanical movement. This movement is not an automatic, but breaks it down to pure lightweight simplicity while keeping the date function. The SubLime mechanical is recognized by it's sublime second hand and is paired with a stunning strap made from the highly texturized and beautiful skin of Sting Ray.
    Movement: Machanical Handwind
    Price: $619


    The Gennaker Tsunami is a special edition created for the victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami that ripped Japan. 50% of the proceeds go towards the American Red Cross to give aid to those who lost everything and life...
    Movement: Automatic
    Price: $650 sold out


    For some, quartz movements are much more dependable for their active lifestyle. The excitement of our Gennaker with a Swiss Quartz movement is what many prefer. This model is equipped with an ocean blue second hand to signify your demand on both precision and durability.
    Movement: Swiss Quartz
    Price: $575


    Designed for popular demand. Our male customers have expressed that their Spinnaker is often stolen by their female counterpart. To solve this ongoing problem we created the Spinnaker For Her. A beautiful Spinnaker with hot-pink lightning paired with an exotic white leather gator strap. A classy yet controlling experience.
    Movement: Swiss AUTO or Quartz
    Price: starts at $699


    This strap features an extreme high quality leather found in Horse Saddles and Gun Holsters. Measuring in at a true 5mm think throughout and thick white stitching, this strap is for the serious tough guy who loves strong leather accessories! Comes with a STØLÅS signed buckle. Strap is 24mm at lugs and has no taper Fits all models in the STØLÅS Collections
    Legth: 120/80
    Price: $72


    This strap features a one peice design, not folded over itself. Extreme heavy duty leather with natural rough backing. Comes with a STØLÅS signed buckle. This strap looks great on top of wrist (watch on bottom) as a tough leather braclet. Strap is 24mm at lugs and tapers to 22mm Fits all models in the STØLÅS Collections
    Legth: 120/80
    Price: $92


    Looking for a strap that is bolder than any other? This may be the strap for you. Multi dyed fabric over leather creates this stunning piece of art. Strap is 24mm at lugs with no taper. Fits all models in the STØLÅS Collections
    Legth: 120/80
    Price: $92


    Vintage appeal for all ages. Old vintage fabric with padded leather undercore. Strap is 24mm at lugs with no taper. Fits all models in the STØLÅS Collections
    Legth: 130/90
    Price: $125

imageWould you like a timepiece tailored to you and your personality? STØLÅS Custom Shop can do it for you. There are currently some restrictions as to what we can do, this mostly has to do with custom parts and keeping the cost down for the client, but send us an email and we will be glad to speak with you about your personal customized timekeeper!

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